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A set of template classes to enable the easy creation of objects using the Observer pattern.

The observer pattern is a software design pattern in which an object maintains a list of observers, and notifies of any
changes. It is often used to implement event handling systems. See the tutorial.

There are two templated classes:-



Derive observers from this class.


Up to eight different notification messages may be defined.

template <typename T1,        typename T2 = void, typename T3 = void, typename T4 = void,
          typename T5 = void, typename T6 = void, typename T7 = void, typename T8 = void>
class observer


C++11 and above

Any number of notification messages may be defined.

template <typename... Types>
class observer

observer defines a pure virtual notification member function for each defined type, taking the type as a parameter.
Derived classes are forced to implement these functions.


// An observer type that handles int (by value), std::string (by reference)
// and std::complex (by const reference).
typedef etl::observer<int, std::string&, const std::complex&> observer_type;

class my_observer : public observer_type

  void notification(int i);
  void notification(std::string& s);
  void notification(const std::complex);



This class is observable from a class derived from observer.
Derive observable classes from this.

template <typename TObserver, const size_t MAX_OBSERVERS>
class observable

void add_observer(TObserver& observer);
Adds an observer to the list. If the maximum number of observers have already been added then an
etl::observer_list_full is emitted.

void remove_observer(TObserver& observer);
Remove an observer from the list. If the observer is not in the list then there is no change.

void clear_observers();
Removes all observers from the list.

size_type number_of_observers() const;
Returns the number of observers currently in the list.

void notify_observers(T data);
Notifies all of the observers with the supplied data. The data will be one of those configured in the observer type list.