A C++ template library for embedded applications
MIT licensed
Designed and
maintained by
John Wellbelove
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A guide to common C++ template


This book is for those whose knowledge of templates is a little
hazy. It attempts to give a quick templates 101 without using too
much unfamiliar jargon. It assumes that you know the syntax of
C++, without templates.

A cookbook of C++ template ideas

Eighty-eight templates to use as is or modify to suit your

In using these examples, you will learn a little more about how
templates can be used to improve your code.

It is intended for C++ programmers who would like to leverage
the power of templates in their code but would not consider
themselves fully familiar with them. You may have just used the
procedural and object-orientated features of C++ but never
ventured into the realm of templates. You may also be a C
programmer who is looking to move (willing or not) to using C++
and have heard a lot of scare stories about templates. You may
even be a recent convert to C++ but have been writing in a ‘C with
Classes’ style.

If so, this book is for you.

It will give you a kick-start into the realm of templates and avoid
some of the research and head-scratching I’ve had to go through
to get this far myself.

All of the templates in this book require the use of C++11 or greater.