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Type Select
Compile time mapping of id to type. When etl::type_lookup is OTT.
Type ids must be sequential from zero.

This file is generated from type_select_generator.h and can be created by running generate_type_select.bat.

Creates a class for compile time id to type.
etl::type_select<typename T1, ...>

The number of types that can be handled is determined by the generator.
The class contains a nested template.

Gets the type from the id.
select<const size_t ID>

type The associated type.

C++14 and above
template <size_t ID>
using select_t = typename select<ID>::type;

  INT32  = 0,
  STRING = 1,
  UINT8  = 2,
  OTHER  = 3

// Type from Id.
typedef etl::type_select<int32_t, std::string, uint8_t> Types;

// int32_t
typename Types::select_t<INT32>

// uint8_t
typename Types::select_t<UINT8>

// std::string
typename Types::select_t<STRING>

// Compile error
typename Types::select_t<OTHER>