A C++ template library for embedded applications
MIT licensed
Designed and
maintained by
John Wellbelove


This page describes the issue specific to using the ETL with the Arduino platform.

The Arduino version of the ETL may be downloaded either through the Arduino IDE's library manager, or the ZIP file
available from the GitHub repository.

To alleviate possible header name clashes, the ETL headers are accessed via the etl sub-directory.

For the Arduino IDE you must also include Embedded_Template_Library.h, otherwise the IDE will not believe that the
library exists! This is not necessary if you are using PlatformIO.

If you wish to identify the Arduino board then Embedded_Template_Library.h will define ARDUINO_BOARD as a literal
string. If the board cannot be recognised then this will be set to "Unknown".

You must also define ETL_NO_STL if you are not using the STL.

#define ETL_NO_STL

#include <Arduino>
#include <Embedded_Template_Library.h> // Mandatory for Arduino IDE only
#include <etl/vector.h>                // Use the ETL's vector class

String board(ARDUINO_BOARD);

void setup()

void loop()